"*Got the nerve to contact me after ya read my profile?*"
Over 2 months ago
49 year old male
South Orange, NJ  United States
Looking for: Casual Dating, Serious Relationship, Intimate Encounter, Activities Partner
Gender: Females
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 176 cm (5'9")
Body Type: Few extra pounds
Relationship Status: Single
Want Children: Might want children
Have Children: Don't have children
Relocate: Ask me later
About Me
I'm very easy to get along w/, & I've been told that I have a very good sense of humor, as well. I'm kind, caring, polite, I have a big heart, & I believe in chivalry. That's the way that I was brought up, & that's the way that I am. I respect women, & women's feelings, & I take that very seriously. I'm safe to be w/, & I'm mindful of a woman's sensitivities. I love to joke around, & make others laugh. My sense of humor is best described as whimsical, & I love Satire. I've reached many people thru humor, & it's who I am, on a lot of occasions. It's an important part of life for me to be able to feel like I'm able to joke around w/out the fear of bei'n misinterpreted all the time. I'm not look'n for any1 miserable. *Profession* In 06/04, I'm getting into the new field of Web Design. I'm an aviation artist, but are getting into a new line'a work for myself, & I'd like &'d really appreciate yer support w/that, & my goals. *Cleanliness* Hon please ... be clean. I hate a lack of cleanliness from a women. It's nasty, gnarly, & a massive turnoff. Respect yerself, & don't smell, or I'll throw up on yer shoes, & I'll 'bail.' 'SOAP' is a very basic skill, any1 w/half a brain, understands the concept of use'n a bar'a soap. Antibacterial soaps work better than plain soap. Moisturizing soaps don't get rid of odors ... Antibacterial soaps do. Get it together, don't gross me out. There's no excuse to stink, like yer raised in a barn full'a dirty horses. Yer a lady; please smell like 1. *Male friends* I'm by no means a jealous man, but do not brag to me about every single male friend that u have, or call me up juss to tell me that yer goi'n on a dinner date w/sum guy. It's obnoxious, it's a major turnoff, & it's completely insensitive towards my feeln's, as a man. There's an appropriate term for it, which I characterize as: 'Psychological warfare.' There's 'honest,' & there's 'too honest,' OK? Ya want me to respect yer feelings & cater to yer needs & desires? Fine; I get the same treatment, OK? I'm not just settling for any1.
Smoking: Don't smoke
Drinking: Light/social drinker
My ideal place to live is: In the suburbs
When it comes to my space: It's spic and span
My sense of fashion is: Casual - Whatever is in my closet
I spend my spare time: Taking a class
When it comes to watching TV: I use my DVD/VCR more
When I spend money: Money shouldn't be a factor.
My favorite types of music are: Alternative, Electronic / Techno, Blues, Rock, Pop, New Age, Country & Western, R&B, Folk
Astrological Sign: Libra
My sense of humor is: Light-hearted
At parties I'll be the one: Scoping out the crowd
Meeting friends, I'm usually: Waiting for them
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
Religion: Spiritual but not religious
I go to church: Ask me later
My political viewpoint is: Middle of the Road
Education: Some college
Occupation: Web Design student
Salary: Ask me later
When it comes to work: I work part-time
Sports I enjoy playing are: Soccer, Baseball, Volleyball, Raquetball, Tennis, Badminton, Rugby, Hockey, Snow Skiing, Sailing, Windsurfing
Activities I enjoy doing are: Billards, Camping, White Water Rafting, Kayaking, Canoeing, Weightlifting, Cycling, Hiking
Looking For
Between the ages of: 22
and 35
Describe what you're looking for: *I LOVE bare female feet.* It's a major turn-on for me, & I'm hoping ya don't mind that. *I'm into mutual sensual message, as well.* It's safe, fun, & ya can't catch anything deadly from it, like HIV/AIDS. On that note, *You must be D&D free.* (Drug & disease) That's the way it is, hon. NO exceptions, NO baloney. Prescription drugs are fine if u take them, but nothing illicit, & NO deadly communicable diseases, like AIDS, or HIV. U make sure yer no snake, & that yer honest w/me, on that. NO heavy chain-smokers. It's offensive. I don't wanna breath in yer tar, & 2nd-hand smog & filth, every 5 minutes. It's disgusting, & it's inconsiderate. *Location* I appreciate yer contacting me, to get to know me better. W/that said, u'll either be from NJ, PA, NY-NYC, CT, MA, or Delaware. Anywhere else, is no good. If yer from Russia, Katmandu, CA, China, New Zealand, then that means yer TOO FAR. B 4 REAL. Ya email me from another country, & ya ignored & blocked immediately. I'm not kidding. U will not be here in this country on a VISA. U will be here as a LEGAL citizen of the U.S. *Emotional Stability* We all have problems, & issues, also referred to as 'baggage.' I am the type of man who'll be by yer side through thick & thin. BUT ... Be stable. If u feel that yer unable to handle the loads of a relationship, then get help for yerself first, then contact me. I'm not look'n for 'male haters,' either. Been there, done that. I'm very easy to talk to, & I'll be there for u through thick & thin, but ... If yer on the verge'a ax'n ta'death a whole family, GET HELP. I don't wanna find out that yer stark rave'n mad, after ya invite me over to ya house in the middle'a nowhere, 50-100 miles away from my apt. Don't put me in that situation. -- I thank u much, for taking out yer valuable time in reading my lengthy ad. I look forward to hearing back from u, at yer earliest convenience. To that end, **I may not be able to contact u thru this site, so please don't forget to leave yer email addy, in yer response.** Thank u. Be well, & BE SAFE!
Hair Color No Preference
Eye Color No Preference
Body Type Average, Few extra pounds, Full-figured, Heavyset
Ethnicity White/Caucasian
Relationship Status Single, Divorced, Widowed
Religion Agnostic, Alternative, Buddhism, Catholic, Latter-day Saints, Protestant, Methodist, Lutheran, Seventh-day Adventist, Jehovah's Witness, Hinduism, Jewish, Presbyterian, Spiritual but not religious, Christian, Other, Baptist, Episcopal, Eastern, Unreligious
Education High School graduate
Income Less Than $14,999
Smoking Don't smoke, Light/social smoker
Drinking Don't drink, Light/social drinker
Want Children: Might want children, Want children
Have Children: Don't have children
Astrological Sign: No Preference

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