Over 2 months ago
60 year old male
London, United Kingdom
Looking for: Serious Relationship, Intimate Encounter, Activities Partner
Gender: Females
Hair Color: Bald
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 173 cm (5'8")
Body Type: Few extra pounds
Relationship Status: Single
Want Children: Might want children
Have Children: Have children
Relocate: No, I'm planted here
About Me
"EXCUSE ME ..BUT HAVE YOU GOT WEST INDIAN IN YOU?..IF NOT..WOULD YOU LIKE SOME?".. EHEH! EHEH! EHEH! EHEH! have you ever dreamt of meeting an interesting charming intelligent romantic imaginative ambitious wonderfull sexy man, with bright future and great sense of humour that will sweep you off your feet and take you off to paradise?...if not! me instead..eheh! eheh! eheh! eheh!
007 is on a new mission on behalf of her majesties secret service! his job is to find the woman thats got 'THE RING' and save the 'the world' FUTURE FILMAKER SEEKING ROMANTIC PARTNER, £300 REWARD FOR FINDING THIS WOMAN!! Naughty girlfriend wanted with nice behind(O dear OO dear 0069) for creative booty loving english black guy 46.imaginative romantic funloving extrovert with 'geezer from of the street 'sense of humour! (GOOD STORY TELLER THOUGH,HONEST,HOPING TO BECOME A SUCCESFULL TELL IT LIKE IT REALLY IS FILMMAKER ONE DAY)! HI !,well where do i start when there,s so much too say? anyway i,ll keep it short. i,m an easy going mature film student thats open,slightly forward, unrefined,working class, basic education attempting a part time university degree, that loves reading, cinema history,trying to write screenplays, reasearch,amatuer filmmaking,photography,artwork. (failed last year must do more homework and pass this year)!
Smoking: Don't smoke
Drinking: Light/social drinker
My ideal place to live is: In the city
When it comes to my space: It's not perfect but it's close
My sense of fashion is: Casual - Whatever is in my closet
I spend my spare time: Volunteering
When it comes to watching TV: I'm a channel surfer
When I spend money: I spend some and save some.
My favorite types of music are: Electronic / Techno, Blues, Reggae, Pop, Jazz, Rap / Hip Hop, R&B, Theatrical / Broadway
Astrological Sign: Libra
My sense of humor is: Light-hearted
At parties I'll be the one: Holding up the wall
Meeting friends, I'm usually: Always running 15 minutes behind
Ethnicity: Black/African descent
Religion: Unreligious
I go to church: Never
My political viewpoint is: Liberal
Education: In college
Occupation: filmmaking student/electrican
Salary: Ask me later
When it comes to work: Ask me later
Sports I enjoy playing are: Soccer, Tennis, Badminton, Scuba Diving, Water Skiing
Activities I enjoy doing are: Billards, White Water Rafting, Dancing
Looking For
Between the ages of: 35
and 50
Describe what you're looking for: love cosy nights in away from it all though wrapped arround you,listening, watching telly,bubble baths,****anese style lovemaking, worldwide experimental exotic ****yy cooking (but it always ends up tasting like mexican food)eheh!eheh!eheh!eheh! can,t swimm type or bake a cake! love pastries, chinese malaysian carribean indian restuarnts, GOING TO THE GYM (NEED TO LOOSE 2 STONE AND GET BACK IN SHAPE, SO DON'T MIND IF YOU'RE OVERWEIGHT)! LOVE going to the pictures,lively pubs,kareokae,playing pool, badmington, the piano,listening to dance drum & bass progressive house music,acid jazz(movie music)occasional pop r&b hip hop reggae concerts, or going to places that you want to go to. especially live events, anything to do with the arts,travelling, nice holidays, maybe gliding another adventure sport? or weekends away meeting local people getting pissed and being silly now and then! so freinds welcomed with completely different interests especially with ideas for films,screenplay writing partner also welcomed to write the'34th street' feature films with. love social groups ,regular events,and freinds(ordinary everyday people) to xxx chat on line with(once i work out how to use this webcam)!honest!! eheh! eheh! eheh! bye!!

would love to meet an open broadminded naughty outgoing woman to love to bits (especially if she's a bit wacky and likes it sideways or doggy style)!....hey that would be a dream....hey darling where are you? boy are we going to do some well wicked travelling if you're nice up and everything...yeah...we've got to go to new york to watch frank sinatra singing "start spreading the news ..i'm leaving today...i want to be a part of it new york new york"(well they can dig him back up just for us, thats what's being a tourist is all about babes)! eheh! eheh! eheh! eheh! tokio the worlds most advance city,hong kong to meet jackie chan and susie wong,hawaii, to learn how to do that belly dance and eat those tropical fruits,las vegas to play the one million dollars fruit machines and stay in one of those big rarted hotels( i'm english born and bread from west indian parents)! a nice carribean cruise on a bad ass luxury liner, stop at barbados to buy some fish and chips,jamaica to make reggae music with the rastafarians in the hills(i don't smoke but can sing just like bob marley once i've eaten plenty of ganja cake! eheh! eheh! eheh! eheh! love to visit to ghana...yes...ghana,the home of africa's nicest people,DALLAS in texas to 'MEET JR EWING AND MISS ELLIE' (well they might be out shopping when we get there but and least we can say we paid them a visit)..eheh! eheh! eheh! eheh! malaysia with its beautifull beeches, to try scuba diving,paragliding,hangliding,microlighting(thats one of those little gliding planes for 2 people)! kenya on safari to ride a zebra..eheh! eheh! eheh! eheh!...honest, disneyworld to meet roger rabbit and lots more darling ,so hurry up and write soon,meanwhile take care,love and best wishes from gilly xxxxxx bye!

Hair Color No Preference
Eye Color No Preference
Body Type Slim/Slender, Average, Athletic, Few extra pounds, Heavyset
Ethnicity Asian, Black/African descent, East Indian, White/Caucasian, Other
Relationship Status Single, Separated, Divorced, Widowed
Religion No Preference
Education No Preference
Income No Preference
Smoking No Preference
Drinking No Preference
Want Children: No Preference
Have Children: No Preference
Astrological Sign: No Preference

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